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Stelian Suciu – Owner

Stelian-Suciu-and-Daniel-Konieczny      I’ve always had a keen interest to learn and an earnest passion for reading, but learning and schooling were two things completely different for me. Even though I never liked school too much, I ended up studying for 18 years.

      After I had graduated the Law School, driven by a strong sense of justice, I accepted the next challenge that life brought my way. I’ve begun to work with the biggest construction company in Italy, as a staff manager. Afterward, along with my team, we build up a few neighborhoods summing almost 400 villas. I also started to build in Romania, running my own construction company with great success. But very soon it all fell into a routine that didn’t seem to summon my full potential anymore, so I decided to follow my passion for automobiles.

      I began to work in the tire industry, and I’ve been to training organized by Bridgestone, Michelin, Pirelli and other more. My new career reached its peak pretty soon, when I got into the training concepts they offered for all partners, and there’s where I started to attend my first professional seminars. It was my first contact with online marketing and B2B platforms, and that converted afterward into successful contracts with multinational companies and the best knowledge in selling.

      In 2008 I heard of Bob Proctor and his program ”You were born rich.” It was a true revelation, like a missing puzzle piece that finally came into place. I chose Bob as a mentor, and I became a thorough follower in personal development. I followed all the world-renowned coaches; I read everything they’ve written, even more than once, and I attended hundred of their seminars, both live and online.

      In 2013 I had the privilege of being the co-organizer of Bob Proctor’s seminar in Warsaw with Daniel Konieczny and a partner of Seminars for Success as coach. Another significant event of 2013 was an accident that forced me to limit my physical activities and to focus more on using my mental factors. What could have been considered as misfortune was actually the best thing that could happen to me. I always wanted to spend more time with my family, so I took the incident as an opportunity, and I started to work from home. I discovered a new world of possibilities that not only made me own my own time, but also helps me grow every day more.

      I started to present and sell coaching and educational programs to people around the world from my computer. Due to my direct collaboration with Bob Proctor, I’ve started to partner with OMG Machines, and that added the needed knowledge of a full expertise in online marketing, business growth strategies, and search engine optimization. We ended 2016 as one of the greatest digital agencies in the world of internet marketing and website optimization.

     Another huge accomplishment of 2016 was to co-organize another of Bob Proctor’s event in Europe, this time the biggest personal development event ever organized in the Balkans.

      To summarize everything, Bob Proctor’s advice about reaching success with multiple streams of income became a reality, and we invested with our partners time, money and knowledge to create Best Orange SEO and Successful Life Corporation. Now we are fully active in the online marketplace and the world of personal development and business growth, cooperating with the best world-renowned coaches.


With my friend, Livio Sgarbi, the best Italian mental coach,
and four of the mentors from “The Secret”
Lisa Nichols, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor and Dr. John Demartini


Alina Mitruţ – Owner

Alina-Mitrut-event-organizer      After successfully managing the online presence of local educational institutions and businesses for more than ten years, I decided to take my experience to a whole new level and go globally. I’ve enrolled for courses with OMG Machines, where I studied search engine optimization, online marketing, and business growth strategies with the best coaches in the world.

      In January 2016, I became, along with Stelian, founder of Best Orange SEO, a digital marketing agency that operates both in Europe and in the United States. Our results speak for themselves, and I can assert, without any trace of false modesty, that we are the best SEO experts in Europe and among the greatest in the world. By continuously updating our knowledge and using only the latest cutting edge techniques, we can dominate our competition in highly competitive niches.

      Our latest remarkable project, which is also the dearest to us, was co-organizing the biggest personal development event ever organized into the Balkans – Bob Proctor’s seminar in Belgrade, that was held on November 5th, 2016. After an in-depth analysis of the marketplace, we used our expertise in the field, and we made the event visible to the proper audience, filling up this way 2.000 seats in the room within a quite short period through our online promotion services.

      Having success coaches as business partners, as well as SEO clients, and getting involved each day more into the world of personal development and business growth industry, open up new horizons for me. I went through a full training program, and I also became a success coach. I started to have my own clients in one-on-one sessions, and I couldn’t be happier for this new turn in my life.

      It took me a lot of efforts to become a prime digital marketing expert, and one of my favorite challenges is to create sustainable rankings for my SEO clients, but my true calling is being a coach. There’s a massive need for these type of information, and it has become a personal endeavor to make it available for as many persons as possible. Luckily, my best skills harmoniously combined meet Stelian’s expertise and knowledge into the most ambitious project ever created in Europe: Principles for Success Events.

Daniel Konieczny – CEO

      Daniel Konieczny is a personal and corporate results coach who runs energizing seminars and workshops all over the world and whose influence is getting bigger and bigger. The best proof is that he just became business partner with a living legend of personal development, Bob Proctor, featured in „The Secret”.

      He himself trained with the best in the field to get to this point. By his own confession, after watching „The Secret”, he became so fired up to learn more about The Law of Attraction, he spent over £100,000 on seminars with Bob Proctor, Alan Sugar, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Donald Trump and many other high level coaches. He feels that was a good investment, since now he fulfilled so many of his goals, including that of becoming a results coach and partnering up with one of his idols. All that without neglecting his personal life, in which he is also a fulfilled man.

      When asked about the reason so many people cannot achieve their aims, he explains that their main issue is lack of decision. People who do not succeed make a decision very slowly and then they change their mind very fast, while successful people do exactly the opposite: make a decision fast and stick with it, and if need be, they change it slowly. Another issue is that many people have not set goals for themselves, and so they are drifting through life. Setting a goal is the first step towards success.

      While inspired by many personal development leaders, he is himself an inspiration to many. Wherever he goes, he finds a way to share his passion with people and help them go from dreams to results. His message is loud and clear: “Vision without action is the beginning of delusion. Vision with action is reality”.


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