Successul-Life-Corporation-Logo      Like all the greatest things in the world, Successful Life Corporation started with an idea. We dared to dream beyond everything we’ve ever created or achieved and to aim for higher heights.

      After the last two Bob Proctor’s live events we co-organized in Serbia (2016) and Poland (2013), which were of the most resounding success, aspiring for something even bigger was quite challenging.

      Attending thousands of seminars, completing several coaching programs and reading almost everything there is on the topics of personal development and business growth, made it very clear that success it is within reach for each and every one of us, and that there are specific laws and principles we can engage for achieving the desired results. We are inspired by the greatest worldly renowned speakers, mentors and bestselling authors such as Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Anthony Robbins, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Fabrizio Mancini, Eric Worre, Grant Cardone, Livio Sgarbi, Eckhart Tolle and many others. The hardest thing to do for everyone is to act, to go beyond limitations, paradigms, and barriers, and start to apply the mind shifting concepts in real life. We already had the right mindset and a deeper understanding of these laws, sustained by our previous accomplishments. We couldn’t go but up from that point forward.

      But the journey toward success shouldn’t be a lonesome one. There is far more space at the top than it is at its bottom. That’s why we created our company. The wisest business choice was merging Best Orange SEO company with Successful Life Corporation into a complete organization that covers at 360 degrees all the professional services required in our business. The online presences through search engine optimization, marketing services, event organizing and coaching at the highest standards became our label.

      Successful Life Corporation emerged from our utmost desire of spreading the principles for success and make them available for millions of individuals and companies alike. Our purpose is to gather the greatest minds in the world in the personal growth industry and to organize international educational events from which we can all benefit by learning how to develop our potential continuously and to act upon it.

      We will grow together with every newly achieved goal, with every individual that will discover their purpose in life and every new participant that will join us on our live events, mastermind groups, coaching sessions or through live streaming. It’s our deepest conviction that cooperation build the strongest foundation and it is the only way to grow. Your success will be our success! Exceed every limit with us!


Bob Proctor and Stelian Suciu




     By giving the best mentoring in the world on the matter of thinking and how the mind works, fulfilled our desire to reach thousands, even millions with the right knowledge. Bob Proctor offered during our seminar in Belgrade the secrets on how you must think in order to achieve the best results.

     With Thinking Into Results seminar, we successfully reached another goal as co-organizers, which culminated with the participation of more than 2,000 attendees.

     Companies who searched for a business coach found the right knowledge in this seminar. Individuals in every walk of life had an outstanding experience attending a live event where the master of the mind, Bob Proctor, presented one of the most powerful programs on the market today, Thinking Into Results.


     Bob Proctor came for the first time in Poland with “Create Your Own Economy” seminar.

     The majority of people would like to become financially independent. Our intent of providing the knowledge of how to create prosperity in their lives became a reality through this seminar. 1400 people became aware of their possibilities and potential, and many of them continued after the seminar to work with us through mastermind groups and coaching programs.