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“After having purchased the books Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Success Principles and having listened to The Aladdin Factor audio book, I have been inspired to achieve my weight-loss goals, lead a more positive and fulfilling life and write my very own book telling my story! I am eternally grateful to Jack Canfield’s priceless lessons and for having taught me that I have the power to shape my future!” ~ Leticia Gabbi

“Thanks so much for inspiring me. Wow, what a message! Authentic, empowering, insightful, life-changing. Thanks for modeling success, achievement, and working smart. You do this with more than words; your life literally screams these truths. Keep walking the talk!” ~Kent Julian

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      For anyone interested in self-development, Jack Canfield is at the forefront of inspirational literature, with his best-selling books which also made him a multiple Guinness Book World Record winner. He became known as “America’s success coach,” and his client list speaks for itself, including the likes of Sony Pictures, GlaxoSmithKline, Young President’s Association, Siemens, Federal Express and U.S. Department of the Navy.

      But who is Jack Canfield? As a Harvard graduate with a Master’s Degree in Psychology, he was initially associated with the inspirational anthology “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” whose originator he was, and which met with tremendous success, including even a featured television program on the PAX and ABC networks. Its success was so great actually that it lead Canfield to found “Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises,” now an empire of billions of dollars, to handle worldwide licensing, merchandising and publishing activities.

      An impressive list of best sellers followed that initial success: “The Power of Focus,” “The Aladdin Factor,” “Dare to Win,” “You’ve Got to Read This Book!” and “The Key to Living the Law of Attraction.” Jack Canfield became a choice guest on radio and television programs all over the world; to date, he has been on over 1,000 programs, such as Larry King Live, Oprah, 20/20, Inside Edition, The Today Show, Fox and Friends, The CBS Evening News, The NBC Nightly News, Eye to Eye and many others. His gift as a speaker has been recognized, among many distinctions, by his induction into the National Speakers Associationʻs Speakers Hall of Fame.

      Committed to making a difference and getting results, Canfield founded “The Canfield Training Group” in Santa Barbara, whose aim is to train corporate leaders, entrepreneurs and educators to reach their fullest potential, both personally and professionally, in an accelerated timeframe. He also started “The Foundation for Self-Esteem” in Westlake Village, California, dedicated to social workers, welfare recipients and human resource professionals, for whom it provides self-esteem resources and training. Canfield’s “Goals Program” for California helped 450,000 welfare recipients get back to work.

      What, then, is Canfield’s secret success formula? Using the insight given by his professional background, he simply studied successful people, to see what makes them different, and shared his findings with the world: the invisible motivations, the inspiration, the driving force behind the success that is plain for all to see. This is his gift for countless audiences, millions and millions of readers and viewers around the globe: the strategies that can make virtually anyone reach their peak performance.

      Canfield’s latest National Bestseller is “The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be.” As the very name suggests, the book contains 64 success principles which are used by the most successful people from all backgrounds and areas of expertise. As usual, the book is accompanied by coaching programs, products and branded retail merchandise and is a precious tool for anyone who could use a roadmap to achieve their highest personal and professional goals.

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