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Daniel Kubach

“Daniel Konieczny showed me how the human mind works, how to disable conscious thinking and how to concentrate all efforts in order to quickly and permanently raise their productivity and efficiency of my business. I know that to succeed in business you have to combine business and mental development. Therefore I recommend the work of Daniel to any person that is success oriented.” ~ Daniel Kubach


“The Firewalk training exceeded my expectations. Finally, I experienced what it means dropping out of the comfort zone, I became free from restrictions and aware of my inner power. I liked that it was a lot of exercise. Daniel Konieczny gave us simple tools that I continue to use in my daily life. The effects of their use exceeds my imagination. I invite anyone who is hungry for success to join him.” ~ Regina Bukowska

Daniel Konieczny on stage

     Daniel Konieczny is a personal and corporate results coach who runs energizing seminars and workshops all over the world and whose influence is getting bigger and bigger. The best proof is that he just became business partner with a living legend of personal development, Bob Proctor, featured in „The Secret”.

   Of Polish origin, he now lives in Belfast and is very open about his beginnings. He used to be a junkie and risked ending up in prison, before a providential meeting turned his life around. He tells himself the story of how, after doing some work for a rich lady, he asked her how he could have what she had. She explained it is all a matter of choice: what you choose to do for yourself. She gave him some money and encouraged him to buy a book on personal development, which he did. That was the beginning of a fantastic journey, which first brought him to Ireland, then all around the globe. He began visualization exercises, set a goal and visualized it so hard, that opportunities began to happen. He strongly feels that „what you think, feel and take action towards, you become”.

   His opinion is that the Polish tend to be more negative and close-minded than the Irish, who are more receptive. His gift to his mother country is his publishing house, which now will bring to Poland the translation of Bob Proctor’s famous „You were born rich” bestseller, to help other people get incredible, but very tangible results.

   He himself trained with the best in the field to get to this point. By his own confession, after watching „The Secret”, he became so fired up to learn more about The Law of Attraction, he spent over £100,000 on seminars with Bob Proctor, Alan Sugar, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Donald Trump and many other high level coaches. He feels that was a good investment, since now he fulfilled so many of his goals, including that of becoming a results coach and partnering up with one of his idols. All that without neglecting his personal life, in which is is also a fulfilled man.

   When asked about the reason so many people cannot achieve their aims, he explains that their main issue is lack of decision. People who do not succeed make a decision very slowly and then they change their mind very fast, while successful people do exactly the opposite: make a decision fast and stick with it, and if need be, they change it slowly. Another issue is that many people have no set goals for themselves, and so they are drifting through life. Setting a goal is the first step towards success.

   While inspired by many personal development leaders, he is himself an inspiration to many. Wherever he goes, he finds a way to share his passion with people and help them go from dreams to results. His message is loud and clear: “Vision without action is the beginning of delusion. Vision with action is reality”.

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